the name “headphone children” is taken from a song as well as an album of THE BACK HORN 🙂



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  1. 我在你的舊網誌找到你一篇說香港地下BAND”….HUH!?”,得知你有他們的CD.想請問你有沒有What a drag這張唱片呢?如各下有空的話可否SEND 這CD的歌給我?請保持聯絡.謝謝~

  2. hi, the same issue as upstairs:)
    I just came across Huh!?’s Beautiful Night the other days and really love it, but can not find any download or sell. If you have their CD, are you willing to share? Sorry to take your time for this.

  3. for those interested in ….HUH!? , please go to the band’s facebook page which is authorised by the members. On the page “info”, you can find a link to the band’s myspace page, and listen to some of their music. hope it helps. thank you for loving and not forgetting this great band we once have in this small place.

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