2008/12/21 at 12:00 | Posted in hong kong, jrock, TV | 4 Comments

presently v busy on the term papers, but still can’t help posting this now:

how come i got so excited to watch it on TV?! haven’t we watched the rusty nail clip many times?
this is somehow a historical sight, no?

now i’m super looking forward to 17th Jan (and 18th Jan too, maybe?)….though i should finish my papers before that….



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  1. argh! wish i am watching the live too! *_*

    random comment: satochi is so incredibly drunk in the latest muck on!tv XD

  2. scenic, you know we haven’t seen live together for 13 months already! a year has gone..with the wind XD
    i wish you could come with bh and we all watch it together!

    satochi kept hugging that boy besides him XD
    they look so high and miya bited himself kaka it’s cerntianly a good way to start the year with that kind of laugh!

    well, i think i can finally unwrap the DVD, i have just finished all the term papers 20mins before, AT LAST!

    happy new year, scenic! do consider come along with bh! i wanna watch live with you!

  3. Congratulations on finishing all your term papers!!! \(^_^)/

    has it been more than a year already? wow! well i have really great memories of the last live we saw together! & the day after too! XD

    i wish i can go see X live, but i can’t… the S’pore Budget is on 22 Jan so i can’t leave before that… initially i was thinking of catching the BKK one, but in the end i decided to take another trip instead… i’m finally going to see the Northern Lights! Am travelling up the Norwegian coast to Tromso. Hope we’re lucky and will be able to see the Lights in all its glory! & not freeze our pants off! XD

    are you going to catch X live in taipei too? again the timing is bad for me as i may be in Kuala Lumpur then, but it’s not confirmed yet.

    after watching 黒肉流2 i’m itching for a decent mucc live again! i’ve got lotsa miles to claim so maybe i’ll really go catch the Budokan live if they don’t announce anything else before that! will you be interested? i wanna watch live with you too!

  4. hahaha黒肉流! i still haven’t watched it yet, now i got loads of stuff i thrusted aside when i was writing the papers to take care of! i wanna watch it relaxed with some chips and a drink, but not like when i’m cleaning the floor XD

    the BBK X live has to be re-scheduled, so may be you can catch both the nordic lights and the live!!

    i don’t think i can afford a live overseas in the near future lah~~not even for mucc..orz…
    presently a very poor student you can’t imagine.
    so i am extra grateful for x for coming 😀

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