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2008/08/30 at 11:09 | Posted in food, hong kong | 8 Comments

Michelin 要出香港 Food Guide了,真意外。

上次去日本時,Seat 便提過出完了Tokyo  Guide,Michelin 會多出一本亞洲區的,我們猜會是哪裏呢 ?
我覺得可能是Bangkok 或者上海。因為泰國菜很有性格,外國人也很喜歡;中國菜當然是大系,又有中國熱,北京和上海的話,應該就是上海啦。雖然江南是傳統魚米之鄉,還有「吃在廣州」也很著名,但外國人好像不大注意。
香港呢,Seat 也有提到,但想來想去,就是覺得香港真的沒有那麼多高質素的餐館足以出一本Michelin Guide。
結果我們也沒有完全猜錯,這次的一本是香港 + 澳門的。

我一方面擔心香港能得的星太少太難看(我猜得星的應該主要是中菜館,還是就是來香港開店的星級廚師),另一方面,又很期待它的出版,必定會買一本跟着去大 pigout !!!



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  1. im looking forwards to the guide too!
    actually i think cantonese cuisine is the best hhehehe!!!!

  2. I don’t know about the reliability of Michelin guide books in France, but the Japanese version definitely does NOT guarantee quality, especially for people who are NOT stinking rich and who do care about value for money. I think Hong Kong version will just be like the Japanese one – includes all those expensive restaurants with gorgeous interior, English-speaking staff, online-booking, powerful business connection etc… But still, I am happy that HK gets some spotlight!

  3. yes u r damn i think the best michelin food for me in hk shd be those grass rooted cha chan tang but it might never occur to be covered in the guide!
    lets wait till it comes out keep me updated! ;D

  4. yeah, i actualy expect it covering lots of restaurants in hotels, but i hope them will balance it well with the local eateries. yet somehow you know there’s very little chance that they will, say, include a fish ball place inside loh!

  5. guess ur fav mandarin salmon might appear in the guidebook ;D

  6. it’s fine but it’s not my favourite actually,
    i guess mandarin 海南雞飯 will be there^^

  7. the other day we had hoinam chicken rice in china town. the restaurant was named after hk, SAR! haha! gf is obviously chinese-oriented with its maoist poster while upstairs is decorated wif some western leaders… hehe next time i will take u there if u come visit me ;P

  8. take me to high tea please 😀

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