Cafe Causette, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

2008/08/30 at 10:46 | Posted in food, hong kong, hotel | 2 Comments

最窮的那時候,竟然去Mandarin 吃了餐飯,自己都覺得匪夷所思。
某天在中環看完電影後,京B 嚷着吃飯,她請我了,還請了去Mandarin。朋友啊。



Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon,不錯啦。
甜品忘了是什麼,總之是berries xx 之類,普通。

Apple Crumble,雪糕的滑+Crumble一顆顆脆脆的口感,冷+暖的溫度。

重新裝潢過後還是第一次來,現在毗連餅店,都滿 chic 的。



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  1. What happened?! You are eating out a lot lately!! I have reduced to once or twice a month~ feel so deprived! Where is the main dish? You didn’t order?

  2. got caught that i’m eating a lot recently^^;;;
    finally i can enjoy eating out with friends like a NORMAL person la!

    yeah, no main dish in that meal, it’s almost 10pm when we got there, too late for main dish! iand i didn’t want B spending too much too. give me a rabbit stamp for being good please.

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