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bgm: i wish you were here

badly need some music in this brooding state…..but actually just have mucc in mind right now, dreaming how they are in the us tour (they are doing absotutely well though, they’re enjoying their life there, yes, it’s life but not just live…you do it, you have it, you don’t, you don’t …..this is now how i’m trying to hypnotize myself……).

上のbgmは嘘なんだ (笑)。incubusではなくて、radioheadを聞いてます。 jigsaw falling into placeを。実はインキュバスはあまり聞いてないんで、唯いいなライブを見たいだけ。
but jigsaw falling into place is a real good piece.
anna molly is a good one too, hope they’ll play it tonite.



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  1. i haven’t been keeping up with US news… just saw some of their blogs (they have so many nowadays??! i’m convinced their myspace one is heavily edited by a native english speaker! XD) and the youtube videos of TOC… sounds like the reception to their lives were quite good!

    14 more days to the new album… it feels kinda weird to hear a new album of theirs in march… have always associated their albums with the end-of-year…

  2. have you guys tried the samples on 55-69? samples to all the songs of the new album are already there…

    i am still trying to form some … complete sentences abt feelings after hearing them…quite wierd to be honest…><

  3. yuu~

    just did all of them. well they’re short, cannot
    tell much from them, but for what we could listen, i qutie like them 🙂

    among all, アンジャベル should be the most weird one? haha, but it’s still fine fore me.
    maybe after the trauma of houyoku (mmm..maybe utagoe too), everything from them cannot be really bad for me. with finger crossed 😀

    guess the messages in myspace were only heavy edited, but all were translated from japanese by, probably, that taka-san.
    it’s almost impossible to track down all the updates in the ameblog, myspacem the ToC band blog and the 5569 muckers’ page! they update like 10 times a day for the ameblog alone! but they seem really happy about the tour right now. it’s so different from 4 years ago when they went for their first overseas tour! glad that they like the tour, it’s much better this way!!

  4. interesting! to be honest the song that stuck out like a sore thumb is “Flight” so that must be a good thing XD XD

    yes! for the first time i’ve given up trying to keep up with their blogs! i don’t even log into the 5569 page regularly now because there are so many other pages to read (if not for yuu’s message i wouldn’t have known the samples were up! thanks yuu!) but it’s cool they’re keeping the japan audience engaged with all that’s happening to them in america now i suppose.

    are you going to watch any of their rainy rave tour lives? i’m going for the studio coast ones. tatsurou doing アンジャベル live will be a sight i’m sure!!! XD

  5. omg omg omg!!!!!…scenic u will go for tokyo and riyuu is going for fukuoka & osaka ones.

    god know how much i want to go with you guys…but i just couldnt ><*

    ps*アンジャベル is again flower…they are realli fond of naming songs by flowers lol…

  6. how come…this time… my comment was cut in half…><

  7. 非常非常非常喜欢album samples!

  8. i am lyk addicted to the sample of <

  9. omg i realli cannot comment now…

  10. their new pictures made me want to see rainy rave, the the album saples even more so!!!
    have our share of fun for us, scenic!

    i suspected the high pitch part of アンジャベル is sung by miya at the first few trial listen, hahaha.

    yuu, sorry that you seem have no luck with this little comment square! try copying your message before you press the submit button, if you lose the message, you can post it again!

  11. wish we can see the lives together!

    how was the wubai & china blue concert?

  12. wubai’s live was so much fun! 3 full hours of energy! the part with dancers was so sexy! never seen him so sexy! and he actually danced quite well 😀

    there’s some problem with the opening and they did it twice, but it’s alright thoughout the show. at the end, china blue come in front to stand in a line with him, and they taught us dance the 花朵舞 (i guess you have it in s’pore too, right?), so we have a happy grand ending.

    i went to the show after the lecture in HKU, then i saw the Professor (Lung) and her best friends (one was the beauty 林青霞) in the LCD screen of the hall smiling and clapping their hands, waving some silver foil confetti shot from the popper 🙂

  13. wow, sounds like great fun! they have fans from all walks of life 😀 i’m looking forward to seeing their show in singapore…

    i remember in the taiwan concert i was trying very hard not to keel over in laughter when the dancing started XD XD

  14. 噢! 我以為你們已經看了,因為很多團通常都先去新加坡才來香港,倒沒想到由台灣出發行程可能就是倒轉了,
    幸好你在台灣已看了一次, 不然我洩露天機了!

    有看incubus嗎? 也很好啊!

  15. 可惜,没机会看incubus,那时在巴黎出差!

    ムック他们太狡猾了,因为那些samples,害得我现在非常期待26日的到来! 已经进入倒数状况了!:D 你有看过哪些关于新专辑的杂志访问吗?

  16. 哦,原來你已經出差回來了!お疲れ!

    雖然腦袋裏有新歌的旋律在轉(已經在轉了!),不過其實我昨天才去訂了CD :p
    雜誌也沒有買呢,在香港買日本那些雜誌好貴….可能應該買一本吧! 那本值得買你有介紹嘛?

  17. 只找到这个

  18. 我拜託Emily買FM了:)

    Zy有在剛上看到,因為網上有節錄,打算稍後回去看,好像是錄音未做好前做的訪問,所以這本我就 pass了~

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