pick of the week

2007/09/07 at 1:39 | Posted in mucc | 9 Comments

like it?
i do myself!!

 happy reversed 69 day (one day late!)  XD



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  1. 嘩佢ok喎真係!!(笑)

  2. 係囉,算係咁啦, 又彈又唱都幾難o架嘛~
    仲唱晒成首日文, 肯定係mucker啦!


  3. 好嘢!!!

  4. 枕頭你會說廣東話,好叻呀 XD

  5. 其实我就会那么两句,一点也不叻 XD

  6. yaaa mukkers. it’s me playing! look at my other mucc stuff on youtube (mukkaa). and thank you for liking it XD

  7. ho! thank you for dropping by! mukkaa!
    you play well indeed!
    and your japanese is so good!
    i see you’re from Sweden, i used to know a mucker, red sky, from Sweden too…..guess it’s not you, right?

  8. oh my god, kinziki.net/mucc? daniel is one of my best friends! he introduced me to mucc in 2001. i meet him once in a while but he doesn’t like mucc anymore -_-

  9. oh! welcome back, mukkaa!
    world is so small, isn’t it?
    when i first got to know mucc, i always wandered around red sky aka daniel’s page!
    he may remember my name…not sure..
    red sky and meow-san, i got part of my early knowledge of mucc from them.
    red sky and meow-san, how i miss them now!

    it was like the last time i communicated with him that he told me his passion for mucc faded. it’s a pity, mucc has changed, but i think they are still good.
    but i can understand, people grow up and interests changed too.
    just for myself, music is one thing i will never give up until i die. good music.

    so what daniel is doing now?
    have you catch mucc’s live in Sweden?

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