another sunny day, wish i have a cake

2007/07/15 at 3:32 | Posted in deserts & sweets, food | 5 Comments

bgm: another sunny day / belle and sebastian

那天跟 EE去了久違了的下午茶。
想去 agnes b,但人還是多,
轉去 go go cafe,誰知已經轉手了,看我這個新界村民 !
懶得四圍行,最後去了agnes b前面的 eros。

回家前轉回 agnes b,買了white choco berry cake和 blue berry cake(名稱不作準)各一,
又美又好吃,是十分好吃 !

blue berry cake有三層軟綿綿,白糖泡泡、blue berry蛋糕、blue berry puree,


這如果不是我吃過香港最好的cake,也是最好之一。覺得比 cova更好。
人家說這 agnes b餐廳沒想像中好吃(還是堅持想吃吃看),但是最少甜點很美好。

這樣就不得不想起跟着 seat在東京到處吃的很多美好的下午。早幾年一直只吃甜點呢。


把 discman裏的 black rebel motorcycle club換成 belle and sebastian,
一個多小時的上班車程變成去旅行似的 ☆

belle and sebastian的歌詞寫得很有趣,有點想翻出那些英國文學出來讀了☆



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  1. “Another Sunny Day” is one of the 5-star songs in my ipod. XD!!

    There are so many nice cake shops in Tokyo I want to take you. But the best cake shops/bakeries are always located in obscure residential areas that are so out of the way…going there simply won’t fit into your tight live schedule~ XD!!

  2. it’s a magic song, making you smile whatever you are doing 🙂
    I like their lyrics very much, like a small piece of poem or prose with sense of humour, as light as a marshmallow.

    I recently like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s new ablum (Baby 81) a lot, I like it even more than the Travis’ one.

    I really don’t mind going to residential areas for a good cake or a meal, i actually enjoy very much to walk around in places like that in Tokyo, the laidback air is charm. But all the cake shops and bistros you’ve taken me are nice enough!

  3. I only have Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Howl, which I really like! Haven’t got Baby 81 yet! XD

  4. Now I recall. We have exactly the same conversation about BRMC before…sorry…

  5. did we talk about them before, i cannot remember at all! haha~

    but if you like Howl, there are chances that you won’t like Baby 81! Cuz Baby 81 is said to be different with Howl which I haven’t listen to.
    Anyway, it worths a try, I think it is really good.

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