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2007/06/09 at 12:54 | Posted in mucc | 5 Comments

with this putting on the children programme page of Fuji TV, Mucc’s new move of the 10th anniversary should really be targetting on children lah (remembering how good was their kamishibai )

it makes my day only seeing how Miya-sama talked to Real-Mucc 😀
and how sweet Yukke was when he hugged Real-Mucc,
Real-Mucc rocks! They are genius, naming the band 10 years ago after this children character who turns out to be so rock! 

i guess no one in the world could ever image that is the reason of naming the 3 days finale Real Mucc Day! このバンドはかわいいすぎでしょう!

finally got to be “in” one 69day event, viva internet! viva mucc!


※ it turned out that the live clip was not on the children page, it was shown on the Fuji TV morning news on 8th June!!!! 

and Real Mucc wrote two diary-posts on the diary blog of Gachapin, his partner in the TV programme, Real Mucc announced the 69day and he looked cool in the pictures!
muckers rushed there to leave messages =^▽^=
some are so funny!
what’s more?
Mucc has left a message too! 
gosh, what an event the whole thing has become!

the clip will work until Sunday only, watch it quick!
and here is Gachapin ‘s diary :



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  1. XD XD XD
    REAL MUCC day… they’re so corny!!!

    REAL MUCC’s eyes and perpetually-open mouth really makes me laugh… maybe it’s REAL MUCC targetting new adult fans as well 😛

    maybe next live we will see some muckers cosplaying REAL MUCC XD XD

  2. targetting rock fans XD

  3. 剛才忘了說,

  4. i can’t stop watching it!!! XD XD

    i’m laughing so much everytime i see REAL MUCC rocking to フライト!

    i must show this to my niece!!! XD

  5. i can’t help watching them jumping up and down again and again 😀

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