Mucc’s event in Ebisu Liquid Room

2005/10/31 at 12:26 | Posted in live, mucc, music | Leave a comment

Just got back from the live event.
It’s more 激しい than what I expected, I mean at least for me.
I said I wouldn’t jump in because I was too tired to, I didn’t have any sleep last night…

MUCC was the second band came on stage, followed a Japanese hard-core band called Survive.

When they came out, I just couldn’t stay away from the crowd, so….you could imagine how it could be in a MUCC live.

They started with 蘭鋳、obviously the crowd came mainly for them,
I was pushed quite close to Tatsu, but I could only see him and Yukke in the gap of a forest of hands,
but then I got better view as the crowd kept moving, again you know how it happened.
I could hardly see Miya, yet still able to spot his new hair style, it looked great on him.
Tatsu was かっこいい, as usual,
he wore that T-shirt he’s wearing through out the Autumn Tour.
Yukke was sort of quiet today.
Satochi.. I could only see one swinging arm of him.

They have played like three new songs, one of it was 最終列車, I guessed another one wasサル. 
スイミン was played next, for me it sounded coundn’t be better when it went with the new ones.
They played  大嫌い as ending, leaving the crowd as wet as swimmers.

Then it’s Dope’s turn, they played and sang great,
but they, no, the singer talked like a perfect brainless rocker:
“When we say What’s tomorrow, you say fuck tomorrow….
Simply. Stupid. 

P.S. Having read all those tour-updates of Yukke these days, when I saw him stand just there in front of me, I couldn’t help but feeling kando. 


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